19-29 JANUARY 2024

Witnessing the presence of remarkable individuals from diverse backgrounds and brands was truly delightful, contributing to the resounding success of the workshop. We were genuinely thrilled to be involved in such a splendid event and eagerly anticipate future opportunities for collaboration with your team.
– Stephan Kexel (Chief Sales Officer)

It is glad to see Team DC Pro managed to get every brand exposed in a balanced way in the tour. No brand was sided and the trainers, Alex and Martha, presentation slides were carefully checked and double examined by Team DC Pro before the workshop tour started to ensure best performance and detailed will be presented. The professionalism and tedious work ethic of Team DC Pro was outstanding and amazing.
– Chee Jia Hao (Business Development)

The Concept of the workshop Asia tour itself is very good, it actually does provide a valuable and practical experience for participants, while highlighting product features in a way that feeding into their learning process. In particular, the demonstration and application of the PMI Smoke Machines, was really effective. It was able to showcase its advantages such as high power, quick deployment, clean smell, etc, and did it in a very solid way. The whole “Show, don’t tell” was very clearly effective in selling
– PMI Team

My team and I at Saramonic would like to send our greatest appreciation to the team at DCpro. We had a really wonderful experience working with your team on the Nikon Asia Workshop Tour. The team at DCpro were very professional in organising and coordinating these workshops. These workshops gave us a really good opportunity to share some of our products to the 2 amazing workshop trainers.
– Calla Wang (Marketing Specialist)

The Nikon workshops provided us with a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field and network with other professionals. We are grateful for the valuable insights we gained during the event, and we believe that the knowledge we acquired will help us improve our products and services. We had an amazing experience at the Nikon workshops, and we are looking forward to joining your next event.
– SmallRig Team

I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude on behalf of YC Onion team to the entire DCPro team for the outstanding job you did in organising the Nikon Asia Workshop Tour. The tour was undoubtedly a success for the team which hosted such a challenging 10-day-in-a-row workshop for the first time. This is not only a chance for us to showcase our brand, but also a valuable opportunity to communicate directly with users, speakers, and all the masterminds behind the brands. The impact of your hard work extends far beyond the duration of the workshop itself, as it has left a lasting impression on all who attended.
– Sandy (YC Onion Team)