DCPRO PTE LTD, short for Distributor Culture Professional, is not a typical business. It is a unique blend of expertise in photography and consumer electronics, with a specialization in sales and marketing consultancy services and distribution.

DCPRO PTE LTD was founded by Wayne Lui and Alvin Wong, two visionary entrepreneurs who share a passion for photography and cutting-edge electronics. They believed that the key to success in this dynamic industry is not just having great products but also the ability to connect them with the right audience.

At DCPRO, innovation is our main driving force. Our team is a diverse mix of talent – from professional photographers and tech experts to marketing gurus. This diversity of skills allow our team to develop outstanding and comprehensive product, marketing and distribution strategies.

DCPRO is a catalyst for change in the industry. Our commitment to innovation, expertise in sales and marketing, and dedication to distribution excellence are a source of inspiration for others.

While we continue to grow and evolve, we remain true to our values of innovation, expertise, and excellence. We not only have a successful business but had also created a cultural shift in the world of photography and consumer electronics.

DCPRO has become a beacon of creativity and technology, a place where passion and expertise come together to shape the future of an industry. As our story continues to unfold, we look forward to continue inspiring the world with innovative products, consultancy services, and distribution prowess.




Wayne Lui is a dedicated professional with a profound passion for photography and a wealth of experience in the world of consumer electronics spanning back to 2005. 

His career has been marked by excellence in sales and marketing strategies. Equipped with an MBA which has served as a cornerstone for his analytical thinking and strategic acumen, he is able to provide strategic insights to manufacturers and brand owners, focusing on team management and strategy development.

He has also consistently devised and executed successful campaigns that have propelled growth and profitability for the organizations he has worked with.

Alongside his esteemed colleagues at DCPRO, his mission is to deliver exceptional service to clients, deliver innovative solutions and drive organizational success, determined to remain at the forefront of industry trends.

With a nuanced understanding of the art and technology that drive these sectors, Wayne positions himself as a valuable resource for clients seeking guidance and growth. His ability to navigate the intricacies of distribution pricing structures and distributor management has enabled him to create effective strategies that align with market dynamics.

Over the years, he has dedicated substantial time and effort to mastering these facets of business, allowing him to optimize the supply chain and enhance client profitability.



Alvin has many years of marketing experience, working with multiple international brands to promote their products and services on a global scale.

With a strong passion for marketing and business development, he has also managed and led many marketing teams from manufacturing businesses. He prioritizes on helping and educating businesses on the importance of a good marketing strategy to develop their businesses globally.

Alvin has successfully achieved in leading these marketing teams to accomplish their goals and to help their businesses expand to many more countries around the world. Along with many success stories in his portfolio, he has also gained many referrals from businesses from all around the world.

As Marketing Director for DCPro, he strongly believes in helping more businesses in every industry all around the world to grow and experience more business opportunities by expanding their channels and reach.



Masahira Tate serves as the Director of Marketing in Japan. Appointed to this position in May 2023, he previously excelled as an ambassador for tech and camera equipment brands, playing a pivotal role in bolstering social media marketing within the Japanese market.

Before his tenure at DCpro, he served as the Investor Relations & Public Relations for AppBank, the largest smartphone-focused online media platform. In this role, he played a crucial part in the successful execution of their initial public offering (IPO).

Masahira obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, emphasising Information and Media, from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.



As Regional Marketing Executive, Mezame provides support for brands when it comes to product training, co-organizing events and workshops, and assisting them with their marketing activities through both social media and traditional means.

He also works with a diverse group of key opinion leaders to generate content that can help elevate the profiles of brands to the next level.

With an extensive knowledge of the industry having being mentored by some of the finest professionals in the world of photography and videography, Mezame is passionate about sharing his knowledge of products and theories.

A passionate photographer at heart whose works have gone viral and ambassador for several brands, Mezame understands the need for education and marketing to have brands and products stand out from the competition.